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B.Sc. Thesis topic: “The effect of a forest composition gradient on the biomass of forest bees”

Bees in the Family Apidae are the most conspicuous of pollinators in nearly all habitats. Their abundance in forests can be significantly impacted by composition and structure. As biomass is a relative measure of resource availability/abundance, examining Apid biomass along these gradients will yield insights into management practices that promote populations of forest dwelling bees.
Project tasks/timeline:

  • Categorize hymenopteran specimens by body length (weeks 1-6)
  • Determine a representative sample for each Family based on most frequent body length categories (week 7)
  • Measure length and width of specimens in representative samples, dry for ~72 hours, and measure dry weight (week 7)
  • Collate and analyze data using allometric regressions for biomass (weeks 8-12)
  • Submit at the end of week 12

Start date: end January-mid February, duration 3 months. Interested students please contact Nolan Rappa; Email:

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