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Cheers! Fieldwork for the A2 project – successfully completed!

After a few months of work in the Black Forest, the A2 project is happy to announce the end of the fieldwork season! With sunny days, frozen fingers, views over the Swiss Alps, foggy mornings, fun and sometimes challenging moments, Andreea is happy to have completed her data collection for the PhD. The A2 project team surveyed tree-related microhabitats on both living and dead trees and extracted tree cores to investigate the tree mortality patters in all ConFobi plots. This information is valuable for all the other ConFoBi projects and everyone is excited to see the first results.

This would not have been possible without the supervision of Jürgen Bauhus, the input of Thomas Asbeck, the support of Johannes Penner and Theresa Waldvogel, the encouragement and feedback of the ConFoBi members and the immeasurable help of the two HiWi students involved in the project: Stefanie Pietsch and Tim Nairn… And not to forget… thanks to Korra (Andreea’s dog) that remained faithful, no matter of the weather conditions!

We are happy to share some memories from the past months.

by Andreea Spinu (A2)