ConFoBi KS bearbeiteter Berg heller Hintergrund 1

A cartoon of ConFoBi’s transdisciplinary approach with its “all measurements on all plots” study design. Red letters and numerals indicate individual projects of Research Modules A-D. All projects share the same study system but focus on different predictors, components and drivers of forest biodiversity in a typical multiple-use landscape of Central Europe.


A1) Remote sensing based methods for the assessment of forest structures

Barbara Koch, Holger Weinacker & Julian Frey

A2) Retention of structural elements in selectively used forests

Jürgen Bauhus, Patrick Pyttel & Thomas Asbeck

B1) Epiphyte and microhabitat diversity and function on habitat trees

Albert ReifStefanie GärtnerDiane Stevenson

B2) Underlying mechanisms of vegetation change and diversity in retention forestry

Michael Scherer-Lorenzen, Thomas Ludemann Jan Helbach

B3) Diversity and functions of plant-insect interactions along a forest retention gradient

Alexandra Klein, Michael Staab & Anna Knuff

B4) Functional connectivity among saprophytic beetles in dead wood patches

Gernot SegelbacherNathalie Keller

B5) Landscape-moderated use of forest structures by bats

Veronika Braunisch, Ilse Storch, & Marlotte Jonker

B6) Multi-scale assessment of bird-forest relationships

Ilse Storch & Marco Basile

C1) Economic valuation of biodiversity-oriented forest management strategies

Marc Hanewinkel, Rasoul Yousefpour Andrey Lessa

C2) Local biodiversity knowledge and forest conservation practices

Ulrich Schraml, Georg WinkelBettina Joa

D1) Professional epistemologies and integration of biodiversity-related knowledge into socio-political decision-making

Michael Pregernig Ronja Mikoleit

D2) Evidence-based biodiversity management of forests

Carsten DormannFabian Gutzat