Open HIWI positions:

ConFoBi is looking for a new HiWi to join their team from November to January.

The position would consist of doing extended soil analysis in the lab on soil samples that were taken in the Black Forest last summer.

Some of the techniques you will be practicing include:

  • C N S combustion analysis
  • Photometry
  • Inductive coupled plasma analysis (ICP)
  • wet chemical analysis

The HIWI position is available from the 15th of November 2017 onward.

For more details and requirements on this position, please send an email to Professor Jan Helbach (jan.helbach@biologie.uni-freiburg.de).


Research opportunities:

Master thesis: Assessing saproxylic beetle with eDNA in the ConFoBi research project B4.

Master thesis: Saproxylic beetle abundances in the ConFoBi research project B4.

Master thesis: Arthropod diversity in the ConFoBi research projects B3 and B4. 

Masters thesis: Bat behavior in the ConFoBi research project B5.

Masters thesis: Praktiken der Forstplanung – am Beispiel der Berücksichtigung
von Alt- und Totholz im forstbetrieblichen Management.

Masters thesis: Die Rolle von Wissenschaft in der Kampagnenarbeit von

Masters thesis: Wissen über die Bedeutung von Alt- und Totholz im waldbaulichen und ökologischen Kontext