PhD Opportunity at ConFoBi:

A new PhD position, studying the multi-scale relationships between large herbivores and forest structure and biodiversity is now available at the ConFoBi research group.

Interested candidates are invited to get into contact and will have to develop a proposal to fund the project.

All info and contact details can be found here.


Thesis opportunities at ConFoBi:

If you would like to work with Freiburg’s Forest Biodiversity research group for your practicum or thesis, these are the current projects you could get involved in:

  • Master Thesis on the coexistence of Plant Species in Forests, all info can be found here
  • Master Thesis on canopy complexity and forest biodiversity, more info here

If you would be interested in doing your master thesis on one of these topics, please contact Jan Helbach at jan.helbach@biologie.uni-freiburg.de

  • Create forest inventories using cameras and 3D-models, more info here
  • Build your own GPS data logger and develop its code, more info here
  • Use satellite images to study forest structures, more info here

If you would be interested in working on any of these research projects for your bachelor or master thesis, please contact Julian Frey at julian.frey@felis.uni-freiburg.de


HiWi Opportunity at ConFoBi

The research group ConFoBi is searching for a Hiwi for the development of an online-survey-tool integrating a 360°-photo-viewer. Some basic programming skills are required for this position.

The position will be from April to May and will require up to 20 hours of work/month.

Read all info on this Hiwi Position here

If interested, please contact julian.frey@felis.uni-freiburg.de

Other Research opportunities:

Master thesis: Assessing saproxylic beetle with eDNA in the ConFoBi research project B4.

Master thesis: Saproxylic beetle abundances in the ConFoBi research project B4.

Master thesis: Arthropod diversity in the ConFoBi research projects B3 and B4. 

Masters thesis: Bat behavior in the ConFoBi research project B5.

Masters thesis: Praktiken der Forstplanung – am Beispiel der Berücksichtigung
von Alt- und Totholz im forstbetrieblichen Management.

Masters thesis: Die Rolle von Wissenschaft in der Kampagnenarbeit von

Masters thesis: Wissen über die Bedeutung von Alt- und Totholz im waldbaulichen und ökologischen Kontext